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【Granted Patent】Congratulations to Prof. Chiu, Yi-Jen on the grant of U.S. patent for “Optical mode converter and method for manufacturing the same”



Professor Chiu, Yi Jen


Department of PHOTONICS


Optical mode converter and method for manufacturing the same

Patent No.

US11,237,328 B1

Issued Date

Feb. 1, 2022


An optical mode converter is disclosed. The optical mode converter includes a substrate and a luminescent layer on the substrate. The luminescent layer includes an optical waveguide and an inclined mirror at an end of the optical waveguide. A light signal passes through the optical waveguide and is reflected by the inclined mirror to penetrate into the substrate. A method for manufacturing the optical mode converter is also disclosed.

Contact Person

Sasha Chen (ext.2625) 

Yu Yun Zhuo (ext.2686)


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