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  • Administration, Industry-Academe Collaboration Division, Technology Transfer Center
  • Industry-Academe Matching Promotion, Government Resources Guidance
  • Technology Transfer, Infringement Assessment, Patent Application

Office Location: 6F Administrative Building, Office #6001
Direct Line for Business: +886-7-5252615 or +886-7-5252000 extension(inquire service staff extension number)
Fax for information: +886-7-5251506

  • Continuing Education Division (Foreign Language Training Center)
  • Extension Education and Foreign Language Courses, Offering of Corporate Talent Training Classes, Study Abroad /Distance Learning Courses, Undertake Talent Recruitment for public and private businesses, Venue Rental Service (Educational Promotion Classrooms)

Office Location: 4F International Building, #4001 Administrative Service Office
Extension Education, Corporate Talent Training Inquiry Direct Line:+886-7-5252700
Foreign Language Classes Inquiry Direct Line:+886-7-5250220

Talent Recruit Assistance(Project Affairs):+886-7-5252000 ext.2701
Fax for information:+886-7-5252017

  • Industrial Liaison Office
  • Southern Taiwan International Industry-Academia Alliance Promotion, International Links Cooperation Meetings, Services for members and partners

Office Location: 6F International Building, Office #6017
Direct Line for Business: +886-7-5252000 ext.2690, 2691

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center
  • Campus Startup and Entrepreneur Counseling, Matching Startup Funds, Venue Rental Service (start-up container space)

Office Location: NSYSU Startup Container (Container besides security office at the campus gate)

Faculty & Student Entrepreneurship, Startup and Entrepreneur Counseling Inquiry Direct Line:+886-7-5252000 ext.4571, 4574, 4575