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【Granted Patent】Congratulations to Prof.Tsay, Der Min on the grant of U.S. patent for “Automatic nut tapping equipment”



Professor TSAY, DER MIN


Department of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering


Automatic nut tapping equipment

Patent No.

US11,141,806 B2

Issued Date

Oct. 21, 2021


An automatic nut tapping equipment is provided. The automatic nut tapping equipment includes a tap rotating mechanism, a nut clamping mechanism, an axial transmission mechanism, and a nut placing slot. The tap rotating mechanism includes a tap rotary motor and a tap, wherein the tap is driven by the tap rotary motor. The nut clamping mechanism includes a clamping assembly and a sliding rail, wherein the clamping assembly is disposed on the sliding rail and is configured for clamping a to-be-tapped nut to restrict the to-be-tapped nut from rotating. The axial transmission mechanism controls the clamping assembly to axially translate one pitch in response to the tap rotating one revolution, such that a forward nut-tapping motion and a backward nut-retracting motion are performed by the nut clamping mechanism. The nut placing slot is configured to arrange and control the dropping of another to-be-tapped nut.

Contact Person

Sasha CHEN (ext.2625) 


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