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【Granted Patent】Congratulations to Prof.Lin, Tsung Hsien on the grant of U.S. patent for “Transmittable lighting device”





Department of Photonics


Transmittable lighting device

Patent No.

US11,175,557 B1

Issued Date

Nov. 16, 2021


A transmittable lighting device is provided. The transmittable lighting device includes two substrates, a transmittable layer, two polarizers and a light source. The two substrates are respectively electrically connected to a voltage supply. A switchable electric field is provided between the two substrates, and two alignment directions of the two substrates are orthogonal to each other. The transmittable layer is located between the two substrates and has a plurality of liquid crystal molecules. Each of the plurality of liquid crystal molecule is arranged along the alignment direction of the substrate nearby, and the plurality of liquid crystal molecules is arranged in a 90-degree twisted arrangement. The two polarizers are located at two outer surfaces of the two substrates, respectively. Each polarizer has a polarization direction parallel to the alignment direction of the substrate on the same outer surface. The light source emits a lateral light entering the transmittable layer laterally.

Contact Person

Shu-Ying LIN (ext.2686) 


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