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【Granted Patent】Congratulations to A.P. Hung Yung-Jr on the grant of U.S. patent for “Distributed feedback semiconductor laser device”



Associate Professor Hung, Yung-Jr


Department of  Photonics


Distributed feedback semiconductor laser device

Patent No.

US 10,916,915B2

Issued Date

Feb. 9, 2021


A distributed feedback (DFB) semiconductor laser device includes an active layer, a first grating layer and a second grating. The first grating layer has a first grating structure with a first grating period. The second grating layer has a second grating structure with a second grating period substantially different from the first grating period. The active layer, the first grating layer and the second grating layer are vertically stacked, and the equivalent grating period of the DFB semiconductor laser device is (2×P1×P2)/(P1+P2), where P1 and P2 respectively represent the first grating period and the second grating period.

Contact Person

Ian Fan (ext.2627) ianfanATmail.nsysu.edu.tw


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