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【Granted Patent】Congratulations to Asst. Prof. Shih Yu-Jen on the grant of U.S. patent for “Method for removing ammonia nitrogen in aqueous solution”



Assistant Professor Shih, Yu-Jen


Institute of Environmental Engineering


Method for removing ammonia nitrogen in aqueous solution

Patent No.

US 10,882,767B2

Issued Date

Jan. 5, 2021


A method for removing ammonia nitrogen in an aqueous solution is provided in the present invention. The method includes performing an electrolysis reaction using an electrolysis device, such that the ammonia nitrogen is converted into nitrogen gas, nitrate or nitrite. The electrolysis device includes an anode including metal nickel, nickel hydroxide or nickel oxyhydroxide, and a cathode including metal copper. The method has high selectivity of converting the ammonia nitrogen into the nitrogen gas.

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Ian Fan (ext.2627) ianfanATmail.nsysu.edu.tw


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