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【Granted Patent】Congratulations to Asst.Prof. Wang Fu-Kang on the grant of U.S. patent for " Vital sign sensor capable of resisting cutter "



Assistant Professor Wang, Fu-Kang 


Department of Electrical Engineering


Vital sign sensor capable of resisting clutter

Patent No.

US 10,816,656B2

Issued Date

Oct. 27, 2020


In a vital sign sensor of the present invention, an antenna assembly radiates an oscillation signal generated by a SIL oscillator to an object in a form of a wireless signal and receives a reflected signal from the object, and the reflected signal can have the SIL oscillator injection-locked. The wireless signal radiated from the antenna assembly is transmitted to a demodulator for demodulation such that the vital signs of the object can be obtained. Additionally, an isolator of the antenna assembly is provided to prevent the SIL oscillator from receiving a clutter reflected from the demodulator and an environment where the demodulator is placed. As a result, the clutter can't influence the vital sign detection of the object.

Contact Person

Ian Fan (ext.2627) ianfanATmail.nsysu.edu.tw


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