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Office of Global Industry-Academe Collaboration and Advancement

Purpose of Establishment

University is a place of strategic importance to generate original knowledge and technology. With the knowledge power translated into folk productivity, the overall national knowledge power can be promoted synchronously, provincial economy power can be released, and high-value derived competence can be generated.   

National Sun Yat-sen University plays a leading role in the field of teaching and research in Kaohsiung. Our university deeply understands that university has the function to lead social progress and shoulder the corresponding social responsibility. Therefore, our university regards deepening social care as our important development aim; we hope that the governmental research power and research power of the colleges and universities in Kaohsiung can be integrated with the research power of our university as its base to expand the power of industry-academy cooperation and promote the value-adding and development of industrial technology. Closely combing teaching resources in our university to promote and develop practical courses to perfectly perform the social responsibility of the local leading university.   

Under this vision, the university established the Industry & University Cooperation Center (IUCC) in January 2009, integrating industry and university cooperation, intellectual properties and technology transfer, and innovative incubation. To express the determination to service and under great support by the university President Hung-Duen Yang, IUCC formally became a first-level administration center in January 2010, the first precedent of the nation.

To effectively integrate industry and university cooperation, extension education and global research & industry alliance (GLORIA) resources, and to provide more complete services, the center was restructured into Office of Global Industry-Academe Collaboration and Advancement on August 1, 2018, hoping to integrate related resources to create synergy through this one-stop service window.